How To Make: Grinch Rock Painting Ideas for Christmas

This Grinch and Max rock painting activity will get your family in the Christmas spirit this year. My kids are Grinch fans, and always root for Max, the dog to help the mean Ole Grinch’s heart to grow two sizes too big!

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The holiday season is the perfect time to start a rock painting habit! Painted stones are inexpensive to make and can be a thoughtful handmade gift for Christmas.

Rock painting is simple, and everyone can do it. You don’t even need a lot of supplies to get started.  Rock hunting is a lot of fun for all ages. I still get excited when I find a rock to paint! If you live in an area that rocks are not in abundance, no fear you can buy some from rock yards or local improvement stores.

how to paint rocks


  • Clean your rocks in soapy water and lay out in the sun to dry.
  • Gather your rock painting supplies: paint brushes, pencils, acrylic paint, paint pens, and anything else you can stick to a rock.
  • Plan your design by sketching it out on the rock with a pencil.
  • Begin painting your design in with paint.
  • Add details once your paint has dried.
  • Once the paint is dry, apply a clear sealer.

Rock Painting Supplies

  • Rocks
  • White Spray Paint or Craft Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Pencil
  • Paint Pens (Light Green, Dark Green, Yellow, Red, Black, Brown, and Gray)
  • Clear Sealer

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To create these iconic Christmas characters on rocks, follow the instructions below.

How To Make The Grinch Painted Rock

the grinch painted rock


    1. If you choose, you can spray paint your rocks a certain color. We chose white to make the other colors pop!
    2. With a pencil, trace the outline of his head, belly, and legs. You can add his scruffy collar and two arms.grinch sketeched on painted rock
    3. Outline the figure in light green. Use a darker green for his collar.grinch outlined in green on rock
    4. Fill in the figure with the light green and the dark green. 10
    5. Outline with black the parts of the figure that are completed and will not need to be changed in the future.9
    6. Add the details of his arms, hand, legs, and feet. At this point, your entire figure should be outlined with black. The only details left to complete are the facial features. green grinch painted on a rock
    7. For the face, if you’d like to go back to your pencil, you can trace the outlines of the facial features that you’d like. Start with two cat-eye looking eyes. The eyeballs should be red and the whites of the eyes should be yellow. Add a small nose and big bushy eyebrows that extend past the corners of his forehead. Next add a line going from his nose to where you want the mouth to be. Draw two slightly crooked lines upwards to create his sinister smile. Outline everything in black.
    8. The next part is adding lots of fine lines and wrinkles to accentuate his evil plans he’s thinking about. the grinch painted rock

How To Make A Max Painted Rock

How To Make A Max Painted Rock


    1. If you choose, you can spray paint your rocks a certain color. We chose white to make the colors pop!
    2. With a pencil, trace the outline of his head, the curved antler, and an hourglass type shape for his body. max the dog traced on rock
    3. Outline the figure in brown. Add a paw that is waving on one side. You can also add his hind legs.outline max in brown paint
    4. Fill in the head, body, and legs with brown. fill in max with brown paint
    5. Using red, color in a band around his middle section. Using black, color in his flappy ears. Color in the antler horn and add a little string to show it is attached.max painted rock
    6. Create his other arm and fill it in with brown. Outline the figure in black. Add a grey circle and yellow rope to his side. 2 2
    7. Add a black platform and grey for the bags. Outline the bags in black.
    8. Add two eyes with downward slanting eyebrows. Use a small oval for the nose. Outline his funny little crooked smile in black. 1 1

We hope you enjoyed these Grinch rock painting ideas and have a wonderful holiday season!


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