Easy to Make Silly Christmas Rock Painting Ideas that will make you smile



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Here are some easy silly Christmas rock painting ideas that will make you smile. I’m having so much fun this holiday season. What’s better than rock painting while watching Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel? It has become my winter craft routine of watching Christmas movies while crafting. I’m really gonna miss it after the new year, but I can always look forward to it next year.

Last year, I featured Easy and Fun Christmas Rock Painting that your kids will love, my little guy last year really wanted to help paint rocks but was frustrated when his rocks didn’t look like his older brothers. So, I used finger painting and simple tools like Q-Tips to make his art standout. He loved finger painting and still does!

This year’s rock painting projects really spoke to my older son. These silly Christmas rock painting ideas will put a smile on your face and maybe even a giggle. If you are new to rock painting, you’re in luck! You came to the right place to learn about rock painting tips, tutorials, and, the right tools and supplies to get you started on your rock painting journey.

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Go Elf Yourself Rock Painting

I’m a HUGE “Buddy the Elf” movie fan. Though this is not a quote from the movie, Buddy inspired the colors of this oh so silly Christmas rock painting.

This was a simple design using my Uni Posca paint pens and then sealing it with a matte finish clear spray.

Go Elf Yourself rock

Santa Stuck in a Chimney Rock Painting

A Santa coloring sheet my son brought from home from school inspired this rock.  He thinks it’s so funny and he says that Santa should lay off the cookies!

First, sketch out the chimney and Santa on the rock and then add the details. Color in your design and then outline with the black paint pen. I wanted a dark red for the brick chimney, so I did a blending with the brown and red paint pens. I added a snowy roof and falling snow against a blue night sky. Once the blue night sky was dry, I wanted to add more sparkle. So I painted on Extreme Glitter paint by Folk Art.

I used my new Artistro oil paint pens on this project.  I really liked how to pens were smooth like actually coloring markers without the big globs of paint spots that can happen with sometimes with paint pens.

santa stuck in a chimney rock

Tangled Up Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Rock Painting

Gotta love Pinterest! While looking for handmade kids Christmas ornaments, I found this! Christmas yarn ball ornaments.

I made Rudolph with yet again more paint pens! I also used a black micron pen to make the string of lights.

rudolph red nose reindeer

These silly Christmas rock painting ideas was a fun and easy craft to do while watching all of Hallmark’s Christmas movies. It’s really addicting.

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Do you enjoy listening to music, watching a movie or even enjoy a special beverage while painting rocks? Let me know.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season and a Happy New Year!