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55+ Best Christmas Painting Ideas That’s Easy to Make

This ULTIMATE list of over 55 Easy Christmas Painting Ideas with step-by-step tutorials will keep you busy this holiday season!

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You can apply these fun and simple painting tutorials to practically any surface such as rocks, canvas, wood, glass, pottery, and much more!

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Most of the Christmas painting ideas have an easy to follow tutorial with photos to create beautiful artwork for yourself or as a memorable handcrafted gift.

Really, those are the best! Am I right!?!

Easy to follow Step-by-step Christmas painting ideas

A fellow blogger and artist, Tracie Kiernan of Stepbysteppainting.net shared her easy Christmas painting ideas step-by-step tutorials with our readers.

These painting ideas can be modified for any surface, some the of the designs will have a downloadable PDF and you set the printer settings to custom, scale down to the size of your choice.

Simply click on the highlighted link, and it will take you to the complete step-by-step tutorial. Enjoy!

A whimsical winter wonderland with this Snowman Starry Night tutorial.

This tropical Flamingo Sunset is perfect for coastal a Christmas.

christmas flamingos painting

Not so prickly Christmas Cactus with Lights painting idea.

christmas cactus with lights

Oh, so yummy Gingerbread House painting idea.

gingerbread house painting

Try this trending Christmas Tree Truck Idea for your next craft project!

red christmas truck and tree painting

Easy to follow along Christmas Rock Painting Ideas

If you like those easy Christmas painting ideas, check out this awesome Facebook group, Reef Rocks Free Workshops.

The trio group of admins are friends with a passion for sharing their joy of rock painting.

These talented ladies from Reef Rocks Free Workshops share all their easy step-by-step rock painting ideas within their Facebook group to inspire others.

Anne Whitlock shares her Snowglobe Snowman painted rock tutorial.

snowglobe painted rock
snowglobe painted rock
snowglobe painted rock
snowglobe painted rock
snowglobe painted rock

Alisa Heap shares her cute little Reindeer painted rock.

reindeer painted rock
reindeer painted rock

Tradition Christmas Tree painted rocks by Fran Ternery

christmas tree painted rock
christmas tree painted rock

Check out the super cute Elf on the Shelf rock painting step-by-step guide by Anne Whitlock.

Elf on the Shelf painted rock
Elf on the Shelf drawing
Elf on the Shelf painted rock
Elf on the Shelf painted rock
Elf on the Shelf painted rock

Alisa Heap used paint pens to make this adorable Gingerbread Men painted rock.

gingerbread men painted rock
gingerbread men painted rock

More tutorials on christmas painting ideas

Here’s a cute Christmas Gnome painting tutorial by Me and My Inklings.


Check out this video on how to make a cheerful snowman by Divine Specks

Thinking of Christmas by Divine Specks

Painting my rocks for Christmas by Divine Specks❤️🎄⛄️🎄⛄️

Posted by Divine Specks on Sunday, November 10, 2019

How to draw: easy christmas painting tutorials

Crafts on Fire shows us how to draw Christmas lights in an easy step-by-step guide. You can find other great “how-to draw” ideas for any craft project.

Grinch painting idea by Easy Drawing Guide. Easy Drawing Guide offers free drawing tutorials for all ages.

Grinch drawing guide

The folks at How to Draw Step by Step Drawing Tutorials has it all! Almost all drawings come with a video tutorial along with a printable step-by-step drawing guide. Here are a few easy Christmas painting ideas that my kids love!

Super simple Santa holding Christmas Lights. Click to see more steps.


Santa and Reindeer painting idea. Click to see more steps.


Dabbing Santa will be a hit with your kids! Click to see more steps.


More Easy Christmas iDeas for inspiration

Instagram is a great place to get inspired for some great painting ideas for rocks or canvas. Check out some of my favorites!

Watercolor Reindeer by @Matejalukezic

reindeer watercolor

These next few Christmas painted rocks are by @Rocksthatinpsire. Follow on Instagram for more awesome rock painting ideas!

elf painted rocks
funny christmas stones
snowmens painted rocks
class christmas quotes on painted rocks

Check out these funny Christmas painted rocks by @paintedrocksbymeghankessler. Follow on Instagram for more awesome rock painting ideas!

painted rock on ground
christmas squad goals painted rock
gingerbread men painted rocks on ground

What’s better than painting hot cocoa with gingerbread cookies, candy canes, and marshmallows? Tasting them! Yum! @paint_the_town


Loving these cute festive Christmas rocks by Sustain my Craft Habit.

christmas painting ideas

While you’re here, check out our easy Christmas painting ideas for painted rocks too!

Mom Approved–Christmas Rock Painting Ideas that your kids will love!

easy christmas painting ideas

Easy to make silly Christmas rocks!

easy christmas painting ideas

I hope you get inspiration from this amazing list of easy Christmas painting ideas for all your craft projects!

Want more Christmas Craft Ideas?

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Have a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year!