Perfect Macrame Christmas Trees Craft for Teens to try this Season

Want to add a bit of whimsy to your holiday decor this year? Check out this super easy macrame Christmas tree craft using yarn and cinnamon sticks! These are perfect for Christmas tree ornaments, gift toppers, or even using them as a garland! They’ll bring a festive and boho vibe to your home, guaranteed!

green macrame Christmas trees graphic
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Christmas is hands down my absolute favorite crafting holiday! There are just so many amazing things you can create, whether it’s adorable Christmas tree ornaments, festive decor for your home, or even fun wreath for your front door too! It’s the perfect time to let your creativity shine and make your holiday season extra special!

This craft is seriously so easy! With just a few simple step-by-step instructions, you’ll have festive Christmas tree ornaments in a jiffy. These adorable macrame Christmas trees are super affordable to make and would be a perfect craft for teens.

10 Ways to Decorate your Yarn Christmas Ornaments

  1. Ribbons: Add some colorful ribbons to the ornament for a festive touch. It’ll give it that extra pop of fun!
  2. Pom-poms: Glue small pom-poms onto the ornament for a fun and playful look.
  3. Beads: String beads onto the yarn before you start the macrame knotting process for an elegant vibe.
  4. Sequins: Glue sequins onto the finished ornament for a shimmery, festive vibe.
  5. Tassels: Add tassels at the bottom of your ornament to give it an extra boho feel.
  6. Paint: Use fabric paint to create unique designs and patterns on the ornament.
  7. Embroidery Thread: Use embroidery thread to create intricate patterns on your ornament.
  8. Mini Bells: Attach mini bells to the yarn for a jingling, festive ornament.
  9. Feathers: Attach delicate feathers at the bottom for a boho-chic look.
  10. Cinnamon Sticks: Hey, why not spice up your macrame by adding some cinnamon sticks and creating a cute Christmas tree? That’s exactly what I did!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use different types of yarn for this project?

Absolutely! Feel free to experiment with different types of yarn to achieve the look and texture you desire. From soft and fuzzy yarn to metallic or glittery options, there are endless possibilities to explore. I used two different types of thickness and material of yarn for these ornaments.

What other materials can I use instead of cinnamon sticks?

If you don’t happen to have cinnamon sticks lying around, no worries! You can get creative and use other natural materials like twigs, dowels, or even driftwood. Just make sure they’re strong enough to hold up the macrame design.

Here’s What You’ll Need

green yarn macrame christmas trees displayed

How to Make Macrame Christmas Trees

Step One: Get your yarn ready! Cut a few pieces of yarn, about 10 inches each. The number of yarn pieces will determine how full your ornament will look.

Step Two: Cut an 10 inch macramé cord, fold in half and feed the cord through the wood bead. Twisting the macrame cord was the easiest way for me to feed the cord through the wooden bead.

Twist macramé cord through the wooden bead hole to make the macrame Christmas trees.

Step Three: Determine the length of the hanging loop for the tree. Make a slip knot with the two ends of the cord. Tape the macrame cord to the cinnamon stick.

tie a slip knot to secure wood bead
tape macrame cord end to cinnamon stick

Step Four: Take one 10-inch yarn strand and fold it in half. Place it under the cinnamon stick, creating a loop on the right side.

Take one of the yarn strands and fold it in half. Place the folded end under the cinnamon stick, creating a loop on the right side.

Then, fold another piece of yarn in half and lay it over the cinnamon stick, with the loop on the left side. Take the ends of each piece of yarn and pull them through the loop of the opposite piece.

Place another yarn strand folded in half and place on top of the cinnamon stick.
pull yarn ends through opposite loops to make the first knot

Repeat this knot with the remaining yarn strands, evenly spacing them along the cinnamon stick. Remember to keep the tension consistent to ensure a neat and uniform appearance.

Step Five: After you’ve finished making these macrame Christmas trees, it’s time to give it that final touch. Just trim any extra yarn strands to make it look neat and polished Christmas tree shape. I used this paper template I made to get my cuts just right. It really helped me keep everything nice and even!

macrame knots are done
cut the excess yarn off the christmas tree
yarn macrame christmas tree ornament

Macrame Christmas Tree Video Tutorial

 green macrame christmas tree displayed

Same Steps, Different Yarn

Once you give it a go, you won’t be able to put it down! I ended up making more macrame Christmas trees using this super soft fluffy chenille yarn in a lovely shade of sage. I followed the same steps and let me tell you, both ornaments turned out absolutely stunning!

sage green macrame christmas tree displayed

I hope you had a blast making these super easy macrame Christmas trees! They’re sure to bring you lots of Christmas cheer this holiday season. So grab your yarn, cinnamon sticks, and get ready to have some fun making these macramé Christmas tree ornaments.

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