66 Fun in the Sun Summer rock painting ideas

Time to unplug the TV and power down the tablets, because it’s Rock Painting Time!

This summer keep the kids busy with fun and easy rock painting crafts that will promote fun interactive learning and nurture your little ones’ creativity.

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If you’re new to rock painting and don’t know where to start keeping reading!

  • Make rock hunting part of the summer fun! Or you can purchase landscaping rocks from your local home improvement store or rock yard. Smooth flat rocks are the ideal for painting.
  • Once the kids have found their rocks, it’s time to clean the rocks in soapy water to remove dust and/or dirt.
  • Let your rocks completely dry, before painting.
  • Decorate your rocks using acrylic paint or paint pens. 
  • After your beautiful painted rocks are completely dry, seal the painted rocks using an Outdoor Clear Sealer Spray or a brush-on sealer. Sealing your painted rocks will protect your rock art from scratches, fading, and damage from the outdoor

What you’ll need to get started:

  • Craft Acrylic Paint is the most preferred paint to use for rock painting. It comes in tons of colors and shades. Ideal if you don’t’ want to mix colors to create a shade. 
  • If you want something that’s more washable for the little ones, use Tempura Washable Paint. The tempura paint becomes more translucent after drying.
  • Paint brushes
  • Jar of Water for cleaning your paint brush
  • Paint Pens are perfect for beginners, detail work, and hand-lettering.
  • Dotting tools to create beautiful Mandala stones.
  • Clear Sealer

Read this article for a complete beginner’s guide to rock painting supplies or check out My Amazon Shop for my recommended art supplies.

Top 10 Painted Rock Craft Ideas

Ok, you painted a beautiful stone and now what can you do with it?  The possibilities are endless.

Here’s my top 10 painted rock ideas!

1. Beautiful handmade paperweights

2. The kindness rocks trend, I think is here to stay! Write inspirational messages on your painted rocks.

3. Display your rock art and turn them into magnets for others to admire.

4. Be creative with learning time. Use painted story stones to make learning fun for preschoolers.

5. Decorate and use your painted rocks as markers in your flower pots and vegetable garden.

6. Make awesome photo holders!

7. Decorate your home with holiday-themed painted rocks.

8. Raise awareness for a cause in your community with painted rocks.

9. Discover new ways to decorate rocks, using alcohol inks, chalk, crayons and more!

10. Hide and Seek Rock Hunting is a fun outdoor activity to do with your children this summer.

66 Awesome Summer Rock Painting Ideas

Check out these awesome rock painting ideas to try this Summer. Just click around for some inspiration. Enjoy and have a crafty Summer!

summer rock painting idea
  • Make Preschool Story Time Interactive with the 3 Little Pigs Story Stones by View from a Step Stool
  • Melted Crayon on Rocks is a must this Summer by Red Ted Art
  • Have Older Children? Try this, Turtle Painted Rock YouTube Tutorial by Rachel Rocks
  • Another goodie for the Older Ones! Easy Beach Painted Rock YouTube Tutorial by Annamoon Fine Art
cactus cars painted rocks
summer rock painting ideas
father's day painted rocks
USA painted rocks
  • USA Eagle Painted Rock by Stacie Scheet
  • USMC Painted Rock by Debbie Luschkowski
  • Heart Flag Rock from Instagram
  • Lady Liberty Painted Rock by Mayda Torres
Disney Painted Rocks
  • Ariel Painted Rock by Nicole Casaceli
  • Mickey Mouse Step-by-Step Painted Rock by Tammy Keating
  • Goofy Step-by-Step Painted Rock by Tammy Keating
  • Disney Painted Rocks by Stones of Joy
summer rock painting ideas
beach painted rocks
  • Sunrise Painted Rock by Mayda Torres
  • Beach Scene Painted Rock by Caylee Rossouw
  • Dragonfly Rock from Instagram
  • Aloha Pineapple Painted Rock from Instagram
camping outside painted rocks
  • Get Outside Camping Painted Rock from Instagram
  • Bee Happy Painted Rocks from Lost Moose Creations
  • Painting Rocks while Camping by Doodlecraft
  • Happy Camper Painted Rock by Stacie Scheet
summer rainbow food painted rocks
dot art mandala painted rocks
  • Seahorse Painted Rock from Create and Cherish
  • Flamingos Painted Rock from Instagram
  • Rainbow Dot Art Mandala Stone by Emily McGregor
  • Waves Painted Rock by Carole Baird
crab flip flops palm tree painted rocks
  • Palm Tree Painted Rock by The Krazy Llama
  • Flip Flop Painted Rocks by Stacie Scheet
  • Crab Painted Rock by Melanie Lubbert
  • Hello Summer Painted Rock from Pinterest

I hope this list of Summer rock painting ideas will keep you busy this Summer. 

A special thank you to the members of Rock Painting Guide Facebook Group for contributing your photos of painted rocks for this post. 

In the meantime, if you are new to rock painting and don’t know where to start. Check out the Rock Painting for Beginners series below.

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