Easy Ladybug Rock Painting Ideas You’ll Love to Try!

Get ready to see some super cute and creative bugs and ladybug rock painting ideas! These little cuties will brighten up any space and the best part… it’s easy to do!

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Today, you will see all of Lory Aucelluzzo’s Lorybugs! I found Lorybugs on Instagram and her feed is filled with adorable ladybug and bug painted rocks, perfect for anytime of the year! I asked Lory to share her rock painting story along with some helpful rock painting tips.

How did you fall in love with painted ladybug & bug rocks?

“I started to paint my bugs while recovering from back-to-back shoulder surgeries. My best friend, knowing I painted rocks while camping, signed me up on Facebook to a rock painting group. Halloween was coming up, and I had an idea to “dress up” the ladybug painted rocks I was creating. I decided to give them spiderweb wings, and they were a big hit! From there, I fell in love with these dressed up bugs, and creating them was such a big part of my recovery.”

What do you do with all your ladybug painted rocks?

“Most of my painted rock bugs are randomly dropped around town. I also have a small army of helpers that I mail bugs to in different states to share. I hide and post bugs to my social media accounts so fans can hunt for them, and recently I just opened up an Etsy store for those interested in purchasing my painted rock bugs.”

How do you come up with all your ladybug rock painting ideas?

“Coming up with bug designs is so much fun for me. Some of my favorite bugs come from things I loved as a child, such as my beach cruiser bug. I also love creating special bugs for holidays and seasons. Creating food related bugs has been one of my favorite subjects, because who doesn’t like food? But I always feel I get my best ideas while camping. Nature has inspired so many of my designs.”

What art tools do you used to make painted rock bugs?

“My number one must have tool, would be my dotting tools. I use them to create my eyes, and bug spots. I don’t use fancy paints, just those that you can buy at craft stores. I have some nice acrylic pens, they make doing small details easier. Recently I upgraded to buying myself some nicer paintbrushes, I should have done that a lot sooner!”

I’m in love with these ladybug painted rocks! How do you make it?

ladybug rock painting ideas with succulents attached

“Thank you! For the bugs with plants, I have done both real and fake. I use fake plants for rocks that I am hiding, because you never know if the finder has a green thumb. For the real plants, I glued a good amount of moss to my bugs, then added succulent clippings and secured them with tacky glue. You just have to mist them daily, and they last a couple of months.”

Do you have any rock painting tips, you would like to share?

“Always use some kind of sealer to protect your artwork. I love to resin coat mine with Art Resin, because I can’t get enough of the shine it puts on my work. However, a spray sealer works really well too.”

50+ Cute Bug and LadyBug rock Painting Ideas

Thank you, Lory for sharing your cute painted rock bugs with us! You can follow Lory and visit her Etsy store here.

We hope you enjoyed these adorable ladybug and bug rock painting ideas.  Check out our rock painting ideas page for lots of fun tutorials for all skill levels.

In the meantime if you are new to rock painting and don’t know where to start. Check out the Rock Painting for Beginners series to get started today!

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  1. I have been following LOri for years and love her amazing talent. ShShe gives great inspiration. I’vI’ve never met her in person thank you for doing such a great job on showcasing her work


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