Best Kindness Rocks of Instagram That Will Spark Joy

Our top picks for the best kindness rocks by talented Instagram creators is now finally here!

kindness rocks of instagram

Have you ever found a painted rock with an inspiring message that speaks to you?

 Do you want to know more about kindness rocks and how to start creating your own inspiration messages for others? 

Today, I hope to inspire you to create kindness rocks with uplifting messages from my favorite Instagram creators!

But first, here is a little history behind The Kindness Rocks Project. Megan Murphy, the founder of the Kindness Rocks Project started writing inspirational words and messages on rocks and leaving on the beaches of Cape Cod for people to find in hope to make a difference in their life.

It is become well own in the Facebook/Instagram community and has grown to many cities across the US and abroad to other countries as well. Kindness Rocks Project motto is “One Message at just the right moment can change someone’s entire day, outlook, life”.

Whether you are looking to uplift your mood or need some inspiration for painting kindness rocks, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest is a great place to start. Also, this site isn’t too shabby either!

how to find painted rock ideas on instagram

The best way to search for painted rocks ideas on Instagram is by using hashtags in the “search” box.

instagram hashtag finder
instagram hashtags

Click on #kindnessrocks.

instagram painted rocks

These hashtags can lead you to more inspiration by following it’s contributors. That’s how I found these amazing kindness rocks creators.

Here is a few of my favorite hashtags:

#kindnessrocks, #thekindnessrocksproject, #kindnessrocksofinstagram #paintedrocksofinstagram #paintedrocks, rockpainting, #rockart #quoterocks #inspirationalrocks, #kindnessrocksproject

Before you start scrolling through these awesome painted rocks, check out our How to Paint Rocks series that covers step-by-step instructions, best rock painting supplies, 16 easy painting techniques, and how to mix colors with confidence guide.  I hope this kindness rocks ideas list will spark joy in your heart!

Best Kindness Rocks of Instagram

I hope you enjoyed this inspiring list of Best Kindness Rocks of Instagram and hope it sparks joy for the love of rock painting. For more kindness rock quotes and sayings, visit our page Quotes for Painted Rocks for more rock painting ideas. Check out list of favorite art supplies for rock painting.

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