5 Easy Not So Scary Halloween Painted Rock Ideas

Halloween is the perfect time of year to get crafty. You will have a hauntingly ghoul time with these Halloween painted rock ideas: a ghoulish ghost, midnight jack o’ lanterns, black spider weaving a web, magical flying high witch, and yummy candy corns.

halloween rock painting ideas
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Rock painting is simple, and everyone can do it. You don’t even need a lot of supplies to get started.  Rock hunting is a lot of fun for all ages. I still get excited when I find a rock to paint! If you live in an area that rocks are not in abundance, no fear you can buy some from rock yards or local improvement stores.

How to Paint Rocks

  1. Clean your rocks in soapy water and lay out in the sun to dry.
  2. Gather your rock painting supplies: paint brushes, pencils, acrylic paint, paint pens, and anything else you can stick to a rock.
  3. Plan your design by sketching it out on the rock with a pencil.
  4. Begin painting your design in with paint.
  5. Add details once your paint has dried.
  6. After your Halloween painted rock is all dry, apply a clear sealant to protect it from scratches and moisture damage.
rock painting supplies

5 Not So Scary Halloween Painted rocks

What you will need to make these spooky Halloween painted rock ideas:

halloween painted rock ideas ghost rock

Ghoulish Ghost Painted rock

This easy and fun ghost painted rock can be made in under 15 minutes! Simply draw a ghost on a rock and paint it white and the background black.

Halloween painted rock ideas

Midnight Jack O’ Lanterns Painted Rock

Give the rock a green base coat, then sketch out the jack o’ lanterns with a pencil and paint the areas black. Add details with a black and yellow paint pens.

spider painted rock idea

Creepy Crawly Spider Painted Rock

Here is another quick and easy Halloween rock painting idea to try. Simply paint the rock orange and use a black paint pen to draw a cobweb and spider.

witch painted rock

Full Moon Flying Witch Painted Rock

Here is a fun Halloween painted rock idea that will take some time, but it’s worth the work! Give the rock a purple basecoat, then once it’s dry paint a light purple circle for the moon. Sketch out shapes with a pencil. Use a black paint pen to fill in the shapes. Add the window details with a yellow paint pen.

candy corns painted rock

Candy Corns Painted Rock

Now here’s a sweet Halloween rock painting idea that’s easy to do! Simply, paint the rock black, once dry use white, orange, and yellow paint pens to draw and color in the candy corns.

I hope you enjoyed these not so scary Halloween painted rock ideas.

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