How to Make Resin Pour Art on Rocks

Do you love the look of resin pour art? Do you want to learn how to make beautiful beach resin pour art on rocks?

Well, you have come to the right place! Our guest artist, Rachel Salinas owner of LaRayes Painting will be showing us how to use resin on Santorini stones.

Resin pour art on rocks
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Santorini stones are white marble natural stone that’s super smooth and sparkles. It’s smooth surface, makes it perfect for rock painting.

santorini stones

What is resin and who should i use it on my painted rocks?

Resin is a reactive polymer compound. Without getting too technical, to create a resin for art, you need to mix resin with an activator (hardener). This will make the resin harden to a solid high gloss plastic material.

Resin art is very adaptable and can be used in so many ways. You can color with dyes, pigment powders, acrylic paint, alcohol ink, mica pigments, or just leave it as a clear finish.

Using a resin will give your painted rocks a slick, smooth, glossy look.

Today, we will be sharing a beach-themed resin pour art on rocks tutorial created by Rachel Salinas. You can follow Rachel at LaRayes Painting on Facebook and watch her amazing tutorial videos on resin art.

resin pyramid
By Rachel LaRayes
resin pour art on canvas
By Rachel LaRayes

Resin Pour Supply List

  • Santorini Stones
  • Resin (SuperClear Brand used in this tutorial)
  • Acrylic Paint (white, blue cotton, turquoise, and cobalt)
  • Mica Powder (cobalt and glacier)
  • Craft Glass Decorative Filler
  • Small and Large Mixing Cups
  • Stir Sticks
  • Mini Torch (to pop bubbles)
  • Gloves
  • Straw (to blow resin around)
  • Wax Paper to protect surface

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Rachel’s advice for using resin is do not be scared to try resin pour art and to have fun and experiment. She also says resin cannot be mixed and stored for later use, and you have about 30-45 minutes to work with resin once it is mixed.

Not only does Rachel creates resin pours on stones but on canvas too. She also seals all wood pieces she paints with resin. Rachel says, “You can also use resin in molds for neat decorations.”

Rachel says “My art journey started in 2018 after I found a kindness rock. My mother had passed away recently and that painted stone really touched me. So, my kids and I started creating kindness stones for hiding.”

“After some time, I realized that I had an eye for animals, which turned into painting pet portraits. I get so much joy out of creating pieces that others love. I think it’s super neat that pieces I have created are all over the world. “

Thank you, Rachel, for sharing your resin pour art tutorial with us and we will be featuring Rachel again in the future for an Alcohol Inks on Rocks Resin edition. Be on the lookout for that tutorial.

Follow Rachel’s Facebook page at LaRayes Painting, to see all of her beautiful resin art and painted rocks too!

How to Make Resin Pour Art on Rocks

beach resin pour rocks

Beach Resin Pour Art on Rocks Tutorial

Prep Time 15 minutes
Active Time 45 minutes
Additional Time 16 hours
Total Time 17 hours


  • Santorini stones
  • Resin (SuperClear)
  • Acrylic paint (white, blue. cotton, turquoise and cobalt hue)
  • Mica Powder (cobalt and glacier)
  • Craft Glass decorative filler
  • Small and large mixing cups
  • Stir sticks
  • Gloves
  • Straw (to blow resin around)
  • Wax paper to protect surface


  • Mini torch


  1. Prep your area with all your supplies.
  2. Elevate Santorini stones so the resin can drip off. You can use whatever you have on
    hand, Rachel is using plastic cups.
  3. Measure a ½ teaspoon of Resin and ½ teaspoon of Hardener. Mix with stir stick for 3
    minutes. You will do this for every color you use.resin pour art prep
  4. Add just enough to cover the tip of your wooden stick with 24k gold mica powder and
    glass to the resin. Stir well for 1 minute. add gold to resin mix
  5. Add just enough to cover the tip of your wooden stick with 24k gold mica powder and glass to the resin. Stir well for 1 minute. mix resin and glass
  6. Place the glass mixture onto the stones. place glass mixture on stones
  7. Allow glass mixture to set for 6 hours.
  8. Paint a base coat with white, blue cotton, turquoise, and cobalt blue using a soft
    bristle brush to blend the colors together. Allow paint to dry. paint base layer on rock
  9. Measure 3 oz of resin and 3 oz of hardener then pour into large cup. Mix well for 3 minutes. Be sure to scrap the sides and bottom during the mixing process.
  10. Pour resin equally into 4 small cups.mix resin pour art
  11. Add one acrylic paint color to each cup. Mix cobalt mica powder with the cobalt hue
    blue paint and then add Glacier mica powder into the turquoise paint. Mix cups
    cup well with its own stir stick. mix in mica powder mix paint and resin
  12. Pour some of the white resin around the gold mixture. This will give the look of waves crashing on shore. Save some for detail work later. pour white resin around gold
  13. Pour the blue cotton (light blue), Turquoise, and cobalt blue in lines next to each
    together. Make sure you cover the sides of the rocks as well. pour blue resin on rock
  14. Use the leftover paint and go back over areas to add pops of color on your beach resin art rock. add detail with white paint
  15. Use a mini torch to pop bubbles. pop bubbles with torch
  16. Use a straw to blow the resin around. blow resin around with straw
  17. Add more white resin for detail.
  18. Continue move the resin around with the straw until you get a look you desire.
  19. Wait 10 hours, then seal with clear resin.

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