Rock Painting Tips from the Creator of Rachel’s Rocks

Rachel mitchell of rachel's rocks


I had the opportunity to interview Rachel Mitchell, the creator/owner of Rachel’s Rocks. You may have seen her beautiful painted rocks posted on Facebook groups, Pinterest, Etsy and now Youtube. Rachel lives in Canada with her family and travels 7 hours roundtrip to find rocks at Lake Superior shorelines. Which means every rock must count! She uses several brands of acrylic paint as such Deco Art, Folkart, and Apple Barrel to create her amazing painted rocks. Rachel was not an experienced painter when she began painting on rocks, she has discovered her skills by practicing and doing! I was blown away by her talent by transforming ordinary rocks into works of art. She agreed to give my readers and her Rachel’s Rocks fans some insight on her process of rock painting.

Here We Go!

First of all, tell me a little about your background and how you got started rock painting?

“I am self-taught, I started painting while I was on maternity leave and my son was home from school for the summer. I have always been creative, but I was singing, never painting or drawing.”

Walk me through the step-by-step process that you go through when designing a rock?

“I get inspired easily, from everywhere. I usually don’t sketch my ideas out. I just start painting what my heart desires.”

What’s your workspace setup like?

“I have a desk in my bedroom and it’s covered in my paint and tools. I love it! My kids and husband jump into bed and watch movies with me while I paint.”

rachel's workspace


What’s your best time-saving short-cut or rock painting hack?

“I always have the idea of what I’m painting, then get the colors I am going to use out, then get all the tools I will need, a clean glass of water for paint brushes.  And Coffee, Netflix, and youtube so I can listen to music or movies while I paint.”

What inspires your creativity?

“Everything! There are so many fantastic artists out there on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. I love everything colorful. I get a lot of inspiration from tattoos I see that are just gorgeous.”

rachels painted rocks


How have you grown your business, Rachel’s Rocks from an idea of where it is now?

“A huge amount of work. I taught myself to paint while my kids were sleeping. Not a lot of sleep for me over the past 5 years…LOL. Practicing and never giving up. No matter how hard some of the custom painting requests was, some that I completed in the past still shocks me.”

What advice would you give to my beginner rock painting readers?

“Have fun. Find your style. Your techniques. Your tools. Whatever makes your heart sing…do that. And just enjoy it. I find painting extremely therapeutic.”

rachel's rocks


Is there anything else you’d like to add that might be interesting to readers and fans?

“What keeps me going is my very first event I brought my rocks to, to sell, about 4 years ago. I didn’t do very well in sales. But, this one lady who had to be in her later 70s to early 80s, she started are my creations for quite some time. She took a very long look at each one. Then looked up at me and said “your rocks make me smile, thank you” and that when I decided I will never stop. If all I do is make someone smile, that’s all I need.”

Where can people find your rocks?

Rachel’s Rocks on Facebook, Etsy, Pinterest, and  Youtube.

You can also see Rachel’s tutorials and other Youtube tutorials here.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Rachel like I have. Stay tuned for more updates on Rachel’s Rocks and more inspirational interviews in the future. In the meantime, be sure to visit my Beginner’s Guide page to learn more about rock painting!


7 thoughts on “Rock Painting Tips from the Creator of Rachel’s Rocks”

  1. Such am awesome job capturing me as an artist!! I am honoured to be a part if your blog and your fantastic rock grouos!!! Great work!!

  2. I cant say enough about how inspiring RACHAEL’s Rocks are to me!! I am self taught as well and i have watched my skills change DRASTICALLY after watching her TUTORIALS! thank you rachael for all you do!!!

    • Im also self taught and Idk why this is in all caps but oh well… I have learned so Much from Rachels tutorials they have been so helpful. Nice piece done on Rachel the rock Goddess. Hope one day I can reach that level where it all comes together.✌💗😁🙏

  3. Rachael ,Found you A couple months ago & LOVE,LOVE what you do ,Just started the dragon eye & then im gonna try the sugar skull never drew Or painted anything but a couple months ago … But your ROCKS ARE STUNNING ..Im determined to get GOOD ,love it its relaxing ..Thank -You for your inspiration I will contunue to follow you ..❤️ Maryanne Soucie

  4. Rachel, I absolutely have next to no talent, but watching your you tube tutorials fascinate me! First, your calming voice, perfect diction, and gentle manner put me in a trance. One day I will try your designs, but i just love listening to you and watching you paint. Not only are you a wonderful artist but your stories, while you are painting, are so, so enjoyable. Keep up the great work, dear, you have many talents and are a joy to watch. Yes, you make me smile.

  5. i’m not a painter but have been doing many different crafts in my lifetime. I am 71 years old and stumbled onto your rock painting videos on utube and enjoyed them immensely. they are so beautiful. i particularly enjoyed the dotting one the most. i am having trouble finding the lists that you mention are listed down below. i’ll keep searching tho. help!
    ps i’m a photographer at heart. bought my first camera in 1968.

  6. Just found you rachel and glad i did! We have some things in common. Singer, self taught artist, and humor! Keep making people smile!


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