Mom Approved – Halloween Rock Painting Ideas that your kids will love!

It’s that time of year where the leaves transform into beautiful fall colors, little witches and superheroes go door to door for treats, and fun Halloween rock painting projects are among us, and I have to admit I REALLY love Halloween just as much as the kids do!

halloween rock painting ideas
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It has always been a fun holiday for me growing up and even better now with my kids. The fall season is probably my most creative time for the whole year and this year my family has helped me with a lot of rock painting projects. They love hiding our painted rocks around town and finding new ones along the way.

Rock Painting is a fun family activity that everyone can do, albeit, a little messy sometimes, but hey life is messy and at least clean-up is easy!

This haunting season would be a perfect time to attend a Halloween rock painting party to get you into the festive spirit. Check your local Facebook group for any events planned for rock painting parties. These gatherings bring people together to spend time with old friends and make new ones while getting your creative “fix” on! Being creative and artistic can actually improve your state of mind, and reduces stress which can open yourself up to make connections with others. My post,  How to Paint Rocks – Beginners Guide will highlight the health benefits of this wonderful activity.

For more information about rock painting and how to get started ahead on over to the START HERE page, all the great rock painting go-to guides for beginners. 

halloween rock painting ideas

When I plan our family rock painting activity, I like to do some research on google and Pinterest for ideas of inspiration. Here are some spooky fun Halloween rock painting ideas to be sure to get you into the spirit!

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Halloween Jack Skellington

Jack Skellington Painted Rock

We used two coats of white paint and then using a fine detail brush to paint black the face features. I also mixed a gray, and white paint then diluted it with water it to make a whitewash dirty aged look over the white paint.

Halloween Frankenstein Painted Rock

Frankenstein Painted Rock

We used two coats of green paint and then using a Pigma Micron .25 mm black pen and a Uni Posca white paint pen to draw the face.  Then used a black paint pen for the hair. It’s my son’s favorite rock.

Halloween Witch painted rock

Witchy Feet Painted Rock

I used two coats of orange paint and then using a Pigma Micron .25 mm black pen to draw the outline. Using a Uni Posca black and green paint pen to color in the legs and dress.  I also used a darker purple paint for shoes, then using a dotting tool with lighter shades of purple paint.

Halloween painted rocks ideas

Free Images for Halloween Rock Painting Inspiration!

Here are some more Halloween rock painting ideas for your next painted rock design. You can find these images and more for free from

WANT MORE Halloween Rock Painting Ideas?

Check out 31 Days of Halloween Rock Painting Ideas for tons of spooky painted rocks

halloween painted rocks

Ok, I’m gonna show my age now, “What’s your favorite scary movie?” I think that was my first rated “R” movie I saw at the movie theatre, back when Netflix and Hulu were never heard of yet! What was your latest Painted Rock project?

Let me know, I look forward to helping my readers get inspired and be inspired as well. Happy Haunting!

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