Here’s a fun and super easy way to make these spooky Halloween Paint Pouring on Rocks.

Acrylic paint pouring is one of my favorite paint mediums to create with.

paintpour rocks

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Rock Painting 101 Highlights

  • Start by searching in your own backyard for rocks to paint. Public areas such as parks, and hiking trails are great places to find rocks.
  • It’s against the law to remove rocks or even leave your painted rocks in National or State Parks.
  • You can even try home improvement stores, a local garden center, or stone yard to purchase your rocks.
  • Next, it’s time to clean the rocks using soapy water to remove dust and dirt. Let them dry completely before starting the project.

I used the tradition Halloween colors of White, Black, Orange, Purple, Bright Lime Green, and Gray for this Halloween Paint Pouring on Rocks project. I choose to use the puddle pour and a dirty pour method. You can experiment with many pouring methods to get the desired look you want.

halloween paint pouring on rocks
halloween paint pouring on rocks

Materials Needed:

Halloween Paint Pouring on Rocks Tutorial:

  1. Place rocks on the base inside a foil pan or something disposable.
  2. Start preparing your paint. Choose the colors you want to work with and pour each color in it’s own cup.
  3. Mix in the pouring medium and stir with craft stick. Mix just enough pouring medium to thin out the acrylic paint for pouring. The paint cannot be too thick, it needs to flow over the rock.
  4. Begin making the dirty pour. Use a larger disposable cup and start pouring the paint in small amounts creating a layering effect with all the desired colors.
  5. Begin pouring the Dirty Pour over the rocks slowly in your desired pattern to cover the entire rock.
  6. Let your rocks dry for at least 48 hours before moving or sealing.
  7. After the spooky Halloween Rock Painting is completely dry, spray a clear sealer on the rocks and let it dry again for 24 hours before touching the rocks.

Helpful Rock Painting Tips…

  • Acrylic craft paint is water-based, fast-drying, but also easy to clean off of skin.
  • Read 25 Hacks Every Artist Should Know for clothing stain removal tips and other great painting tips.
  • Follow the directions on the clear sealer spray and be sure to use in a well-ventilated area such as outside.
paint pouring tray

DIY Paint Pouring Tray

Take a square foil baking pan and use a paper hole puncher to make holes along two sides. Place wooden skewers in the holes to make a base for the rocks. Once the leftover paint is dried, just lift and peel it off then reuse the pan again for more projects. It’s also an easy way to base coat multiple rocks at one time.

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Happy Haunting!