Make Stunning DIY Coasters with Bubble Painting Magic!

I’ll show you how to make these modern diy coasters using a simple bubble painting technique. It’s like magic!

bubble painted coasters diy
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You’ll also get some bubble painting tips for beginners, a supply list, and simple step-by-step instructions to create these stylish modern coasters. If you’re looking to add some style to your home or find a unique handmade gift, these coasters are perfect for any occasion!

Bubble painting is such a fun and creative art technique that mixes soap, water, and paint to make one-of-a-kind bubble patterns on different surfaces. Simply blow gently through a straw into a soap-paint mix, and voila! You get bubbles that leave behind fascinating designs on paper, fabric, or even coaster surfaces. Bubble painting is such a blast for everyone, no matter your skill level or age!

I was thrilled to turn those ceramic hexagon coasters I picked up from Target’s dollar section into chic and elegant modern coasters for my living room. Each coaster is totally unique, adding a special touch to your home decor.

bubble painted coasters diy craft

You can customize the color palette to match any interior design and adjust the technique for various themes and occasions. Whether you’re looking for a vibrant pop of color on your coffee table or a touch of elegance for a wedding favor, these bubble painted coasters are perfect for personalizing to your style or event.

Supply List

diy coaster supplies: paint, dish soap, water, cup, and straw

How to Make Stunning Bubble Painted DIY Coasters

1. Using a small cup add equal parts paint and soap. I used about a half a tablespoon each. Add a little more than a tablespoon of water. Then mix paint, soap, and water together.

2. I placed a ceramic coaster in a foil pan to contain the mess. Use a straw to blow bubbles over the cup onto the coaster. Try to cover the entire coaster with the bubbles. Allow the bubbles to rise and pop naturally on the coasters.

use a straw to blow bubbles onto coaster
bubble painted diy coasters with black paint

3. Once the paint is dry, apply metallic gold paint to the sides of the coasters and creating a thin border around the top of the coasters for added flair.

paint the sides of the coaster with paint.

4. After the coasters are dry, use a clear sealer spray paint to spray a clear coat over the coasters for a waterproof finish.

bubble painted diy coasters with gold boarder.
diy coasters with a glass of red wine and cork

Bubble Painted DIY Coaster Video Tutorial

Tips and Tricks for Bubble Painting

  • Experiment with different soap-to-paint ratios to see how it affects the size and longevity of the bubbles.
  • Make colorful coasters by layering different colored bubbles by letting one color dry before applying another for depth and complexity in your designs.
  • Adjust how far you blow bubbles onto the surface for different effects: closer distances make smaller, concentrated patterns, while farther distances result in larger, dispersed patterns.
  • For a wider range of patterns, you can experiment with different blowing tools like straws of in a single use or grouped together, a plastic water bottle cut in half with a sock or mesh netting on the cut end, or even bubble wands.
  • Gently tap or tilt the coaster once it’s covered in bubbles to create cool swirls and blends before they pop.

Troubleshooting Common Issues in Bubble Painting

While bubble painting is generally straightforward, you might encounter some common issues. Here’s how to troubleshoot them:

  • Bubbles Not Transferring to the Coaster: If bubbles aren’t sticking or transferring to your coaster, ensure the surface is clean and dust-free. Sometimes, a slight dampness can help bubbles adhere better.
  • Paint Too Thin or Too Thick: If the paint mixture is too thin, the colors might not be vibrant; if it’s too thick, it might not create bubbles properly. Adjust the ratio of paint, soap, and water as needed. Start with small adjustments until you reach the desired consistency.
  • Bubbles Pop Too Quickly: If your bubbles are popping too quickly to transfer a good amount of paint onto the coasters, try adding a bit more soap to your mixture. The soap increases the stability of the bubbles.
  • Uneven Paint Distribution: To get an even distribution of paint from the bubbles, make sure to blow bubbles from various angles and distances. Additionally, gently tilting the coaster can help spread the paint more evenly before it dries.
  • Colors Mixing Unintentionally: When layering different colors, allow each layer to dry thoroughly before applying the next. This prevents unwanted blending and keeps the colors vibrant and distinct.

Just a heads up, one of the things that makes bubble painting so cool is its unpredictability. Even with these tips, every coaster you make will have its own touch, making your diy coasters extra special.

I hope you enjoyed this simple project, these homemade coasters aren’t just handy accessories for your home. Whether it’s decor for your home or a lovely gift for loved ones, these bubble painted coasters are sure to bring smiles and a personal touch to any space. Get creative and have fun with the process, and you’ll end up with unique pattern and stylish coasters for your home. Happy crafting!