15 Awesome BeetleJuice Quotes + Crafts That You Need To Try

beetlejuice painted rocks
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I’m so excited to share with you, my list of 15 awesome Beetlejuice quotes and crafts you need to try! These fun Beetlejuice inspired painted rocks and easy Halloween crafts will be a hit with your family this year. Having a handy list of classic Beetlejuice quotes for DIY craft projects is just what you need to make these spooky crafts.

Every so often, my husband and I will have a classic movie night to expose our kids to our favorite movies growing up. Some are flops with the kids but we hit the nail on the head with the 1988, Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice movie. My kids really got a kick out of all the funny Beetlejuice quotes from the movie which inspired me to create a fun list of Beetlejuice inspired crafts and rock painting ideas. Halloween is right around the corner; So it’s time to think about Halloween decorating and spooky rock painting ideas.

15 Beetlejuice Movie Quotes

  1. “Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice” – Lydia Deetz
  2. “I myself am strange and unusual.” – Lydia Deetz
  3. “My whole life is a dark room, one big dark room” – Lydia Deetz
  4. I’m the ghost with the most, babe.” – Beetlejuice
  5. Never trust the living.” – Juno
  6. “Go ahead, make my millennium.” – Beetlejuice
  7. “It’s showtime!” – Beetlejuice
  8. “A little gasoline, blowtorch, no problem.” – Deila Deetz
  9. “Don’t mind her, She’s still upset because somebody dropped a house on her sisters” – Otho
  10. “I’ve seen the exorcist about 167 times and it keeps getting funnier every single time I see it!” – Beetlejuice
  11. “This is my art, and it is dangerous. You think I want to die like this!” – Delia Deetz
  12. “Please they’re dead. It’s a little late to be neurotic.” – Deila Deetz
  13. “What did you expect, you’re dead.” – Juno
  14. “There’s a word for people in our situation: ghosts.” – Adam Maitland
  15. “In heaven, there wouldn’t be dust on everything.” – Barbara Maitland

Before we get started painting these strange and unusual Beetlejuice painted rocks, I’ll go over some beginner tips on how to paint rocks.

  • Start by searching in your own backyard for rocks to paint. Public areas such as parks and hiking trails are great places to find rocks.
  • It’s against the law to remove rocks or even leave your painted rocks in National or State Parks.
  • You can even try home improvement stores, a local garden center, or stone yard to purchase your rocks.
  • Next, it’s time to clean the rocks using soapy water to remove dust or dirt. Let them dry completely before starting the project.
places to find rocks

See how to make these cool Beetlejuice-inspired painted rocks and other fun DIY decorations for Halloween.

How to make BeetleJuice Painted Rocks

How to make BeetleJuice Painted Rocks

Do you have a bunch of rocks just waiting to be painted that you don't know what to paint on them? In this tutorial, you will learn how to transform unpainted rocks into fun iconic Beetlejuice rock art decor just in time for Halloween! This project is simple to make, requires only a few supplies, and can be customized to fit your style.


  • Flat, Smooth Rocks
  • Craft Paint
  • Neon Green Chalkboard Marker
  • Clear Sealer
  • Wax Paper (to protect your table)


  • Paint Brush
  • Paint Pallete (even a piece of cardboard or a paper plate will work)
  • Water Jar


    1. sketch designs on rock 9Start by sketching each rock’s primary items, including all stripes and locations of all major basic items other than words.
    2. Sandworm painted rock 8Paint the black elements on each rock with the black craft paint.
    3. paint beetlejuice painted rockFill in the neon green elements on each rock with the neon green chalkboard marker.
    4. sandworm painted rockColor the white elements on each rock with the white craft paint.
    5. DSC07396Paint the red eyes on the sandworm head, and all the other secondary elements on each rocks.
    6. With your smallest paintbrush, write text the "Ghost with the Most" rock and the "Handbook of the Recently Departed" book.
    7. Edge each item with the black craft paint or a paint pen to make the edges clean.
    8. All paint to dry fully before applying a clear sealer of your choice.

More Beetlejuice Inspired Painted Rocks

beetlejuice painted rocks

5 Easy Beetlejuice Halloween Crafts

Top Picks BeetleJuice Etsy Finds 3
  1. DIY Sandworm Planter by Good Morning Lovely
  2. Easy Painted Pumpkins by Catch my Party
  3. How to make a shrunken head by Cacique inc.
  4. Simple Black Lace Candles by Warm Cozy Home
  5. Creative BeetleJuice Window Silouette by Home Decorish

I hope you had as much fun with this article and were inspired to create your own Beetlejuice-painted rocks. In the meantime, if Halloween movies are more up your alley check out Hocus Pocus crafts for a creative activity on movie night!

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