Recycled Mushroom Craft for Kids [An Eco-Friendly Activity]

Are you looking for a cute mushroom craft using recycled materials? Look no further: this mushroom craft using upcycled materials is perfect for the eco-friendly crafter!

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Not only will you be doing something to positively impact your environment, but the end result will also be super adorable mushroom decorations.

Whether you’re a mom who wants to entertain her younger kids with this guide will provide step-by-step instructions.

Table of Contents

  1. How to Prepare Egg Shells for Craft Projects
  2. How to Make Mushroom Craft with Egg Shells
  3. Tips & Tricks
  4. Fun Kids Activity
  5. Crafting with Recycled Materials
  6. Want More Mushroom Craft Ideas

How to Prepare Egg Shells for Craft Projects

Use freshly cracked eggshells to make sure your DIY projects are germ-free and safe!

Start by giving the shells a good rinse inside & out, then pop them in an oven at 150°F for 10 minutes. That’s it – you’ll have clean, bacteria-free eggshells ready for crafting or composting!

Recycled Mushroom Craft for Kids - An Eco-Friendly Activity

hand holding mushroom craft

It's time to practice your egg cracking skills! The goal is to crack your eggs in half to use as the mushroom cap. Save your leftover egg shells to dry out for this project.

Get ready to begin your project by gathering all the necessary supplies. With just these few items at hand, you’ll be ready to start crafting your very own mushroom craft!


  • Acrylic white paint
  • Elmer's glue or hot glue
  • Paint brush
  • Egg shells
  • Tissue paper
  • Scissors


    1. Paint the entire egg shell with acrylic red paint using a paint supplies and painted egg shell for mushroom craft
    2. Let the red paint dry, then paint white dots on the mushroom top using acrylic white paint with a paintbrush. art supplies and egg shells for mushroom craft
    3. Crumple up a tissue paperl lightly and gently roll them up.tissue paper
    4. Then glue the leftover tissue paper to the inside the egg shell and here you go! Your mushroom is now finally done! mushroom craft with painted egg shells

Tips & Tricks

Crafting mushroom projects with upcycled materials is an easy and creative way to add whimsical decoration to your space.

To make your mushroom look extra cute, consider adding simple details such as drawn, googly eyes or cut-out faces or polka dot designs.

For added visual interest, choose different mediums for crafting the mushroom such as cloth, felt or paper. Additionally, don’t forget the mushroom stem: for a bit of quirkiness add fringe detailing or curl up pieces of string for a 3D effect!

With just a few small adjustments anyone can create a mushroom craft that totally stands out as fun and unique.

mushroom craft displayed

Fun Kids Activity

These little mushrooms are a great way to repurpose and reuse materials and is a great activity for kids of all ages.

You’re now well-equipped to create your very own upcycled mushroom craft. Get creative, by using bright colors, and be sure to upload your amazing masterpiece on social media with the hashtag #rockpaintingguide!

Have you used recycled materials and some creativity to make a mushroom craft? If yes, then you should be proud – it’s not an easy task and we want to see what you’ve made.

Your craft will be sure to inspire others with your talent. Let’s share mushroom magic!

Crafting with Recycled Materials

Turn a mushroom craft into something truly unique by using upcycled materials!

As more and more of us strive to live sustainably, crafting with recycled bits and pieces is becoming increasingly popular.

Whether it’s an old plastic bottle being used as the mushroom cap or an old newspaper forming the mushroom stem, there are endless possibilities for making a truly unique mushroom creation.

Crafting with recycled materials can help us reduce our waste footprint and positively impact the environment. It will also inspire people around you to think of new ways to repurpose old junk.

Want More Mushroom Craft Ideas

Check out our Painted Mushroom Rocks tutorial for more fun upcycled craft ideas. We hope you enjoy making this cute mushroom craft with your little ones.

So, grab all the supplies you need, follow along with the steps in this tutorial, and your creativity to make something special.

And don’t forget to share this tutorial with a fellow eco-minded crafter so they can get started too.

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