How to Make Conversation Heart Painted Rocks [Phrases Included]

Try these conservation heart painted rocks craft with your kids this year. Its an easy and fun way to make DIY Valentine’s gifts for teachers, friends, and family.

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Do you remember getting those little boxes of conversation heart candy for your class Valentine’s Day party or card exchange?  I do, it wasn’t the tastiest candy but too cute not to try!

candy heart painted rocks

Rock painting is great way to start painting if you haven’t painted before. Painting on a smaller surface is less intimidating than a larger surface like on canvas.

The best part about painting rocks, is that it’s easy on your wallet! You can go on a rock hunt in your backyard or buy some from a garden center or even online. Craft paint is cheap and that’s all you really need to get started. But you can also use paint pens, which make writing words on rocks easy. To find our favorite art supplies for rock painting, visit our Amazon shop to stock up on rock painting supplies.

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How to Make Conversation Heart Painted Rocks

conversation heart painted rocks

Make these too sweet to eat candy heart painted rocks. Perfect rock painting activity for young children and school-aged children. Rock your next Valentine's party with these easy to make rock painting craft.


  • Rocks
  • Craft Paint
  • Paint Pens
  • Clear Sealer


  • Paint Brush
  • Jar of Water


    1. Make sure your rocks are clean and free of debris.
    2. You may choose to prime your rocks with a paint primer. We chose white.
    3. With a pencil, trace out the shapes of the hearts on the rocks. You can add more than one if your rock is large enough. 3
    4. Color the hearts in light, bright colors. The lighter colors should be the “main” color of the hearts. The darker colors will be used to highlight. 2
    5. Use complementing darker colors to outline the hearts. For example, if you colored a heart in light blue, use dark blue to outline the heart. Make one side a little thicker so it looks more three-dimensional.
    6. With the same darker color, write a phrase in the middle of the heart. candy heart painted rocks
    7. Spray with sealant to complete the rocks. Easy as pie!

Need some candy heart saying inspiration?

50 Oh So Sweet Candy Heart Phrases

Here’s a list of Conversation Heart phrases for your next rock painting craft:

  1. Miss you
  2. Hug Me
  3. My Baby
  4. I Do
  5. Love
  6. TLC
  7. True Love
  8. Be Good
  9. Be Mine
  10. Call Me
  11. Only You
  12. Sweet Talk
  13. XOXO
  14. True Love
  15. Honey Bun
  16. Wild Thing
  17. Puppy Love
  18. Bear Hug
  19. Purr fect
  20. Text Me
  21. #1 Fan
  22. Hero
  23. All-Star
  24. Be My Hero
  25. Dream
  26. Cutie Pie
  27. I Love You
  28. Diva
  29. Too Sweet
  30. Thank You
  31. Hugs
  32. Kisses
  33. Girl Power
  34. You rock
  35. Cupid
  36. Cool Dude
  37. BFF
  38. Soul Mate
  39. You’re Hot
  40. UR Cute
  41. All Mine
  42. Be True
  43. I’m Yours
  44. My Pal
  45. You & Me
  46. Say Yes
  47. Nope
  48. Hubba Hubba
  49. Sweet Heart
  50. First Kiss

These conservation heart painted rocks would make a lovely homemade gift for grandparents, teachers, family, and friends any time of the year.

I hope you enjoyed these sweet conversation heart painted rocks. Visit our Valentine’s Painted Rocks Ideas to get more heart themed rock painting ideas.

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