Fall in love with these 100+ fall drawing ideas! [free download]

Inside: Discover a wide array of fall drawing ideas, suitable for all skill levels and ages. With over 100 options to choose from including Halloween drawing ideas, you’re sure to find the perfect inspiration for your artistic endeavors. Check our awesome list of art supplies, handy drawing tips, and even a cool free printable to grab these super fun fall theme drawing ideas!

As the brisk autumn breeze sweeps away the remnants of summer, it’s time to embrace the magic of fall with colors and creativity. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just someone seeking a fun and relaxing activity, we’ve got the perfect inspiration for you!

fall drawing ideas doodles
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Get ready to dive into the world of easy fall drawing ideas that will awaken the artist within, both for kids and adults alike. Bullet journals are a great way to use these drawing prompts. Bullet journals are an easy and creative way to keep track of your thoughts and ideas, capture memories, organize tasks, or simply doodle.

Benefits of Doodling

  • Enhances Focus and Concentration: Doodling can aid in maintaining focus during lengthy or complex tasks, turning passive absorption into active engagement.
  • Boosts Creativity: By allowing creative expression, doodling can help stimulate ideas and problem-solving.
  • Improves Memory: Drawing a picture of something you are trying to remember will likely be more effective than just writing it down.

Drawing Tools

You don’t need fancy tools! Just grab some paper and pencils – an eraser too if you want – and start sketching. If you get really into it, you might want to try markers or colored pencils later on. But for now, just have fun with your basic art supplies!

Check out these awesome art tools I love using for doodling:

Drawing Tips for Beginners

Ready to tap into your creative side? Here are a few tips that beginners like you should know:

  • Observation and Seek Inspiration: Begin by taking a look at the world around you and drawing inspiration from objects. It could be something as simple as a flower, animal, or even a tree. This exercise will train your eyes to see things from a perspective.
  • Start with Sketching: Kickstart your journey by sketching geometric shapes such as squares, circles, triangles and straight lines. This practice is not a way to grasp fundamental concepts but also enhances hand eye coordination.
  • Master the Art of Shading: Acquiring the skill of shading is essential to add depth and dimension to your creations. Experiment with techniques like cross hatching, stippling (dots). Using the side of a pencil for shading effects. You’ll be amazed at how it breathes life into your artwork!
  • Embrace Practice: Doodling may seem like scribbles. It actually serves as a valuable exercise in honing fine motor skills while providing an opportunity to refine drawing techniques.

So grab your pencil. Let your imagination soar! With these tips in mind you’ll be well on your way, to embracing the joy of drawing.

Fall Drawing Ideas

cute pumpkin family
fall pumpkins

Easy Pumpkin Drawing Ideas

Design a pumpkin patch, each one showcasing a unique expression and personality – a fun and delightful easy pumpkin drawing ideas for kids.

fall coffee drinks

Pumpkin Spice Latte Lovers Delight

Attention all coffee enthusiasts! Try your hand at sketching your go-to coffee concoction. Let your imagination run wild as you bring your favorite caffeinated creation to life with these cute fall drawings.

mushroom drawing ideas

Autumn Mushrooms

These little mushrooms are absolutely brimming with the enchanting essence of autumn! With their simple shapes and cute features, they make for a fun and easy drawing project for all ages.

fall doodles

Fall Doodles

It’s that time of year when these delightful fun doodles are the first thing that comes to mind! And now, you can practice doodling your own masterpiece with these easy and simple fun fall drawings.

fall drawing ideas of pumpkins and flowers

Flowers and Pumpkin Patch Scene

Check out these awesome pumpkins and gorgeous golden yellow flowers in the fall landscape scene! They’re just begging to be creatively drawn.

marshmallows roasting by a fire

Marshmallows Roasting by a Fire

Check out this hilarious scenario of roasting marshmallows by a fire! They’re super cute and easy to make, perfect for anyone, regardless of their experience level. Enjoy the fun!

happy scarecrow

Happy Scarecrow

These fall drawing ideas wouldn’t be complete without a scarecrow. Draw your own version of a happy scarecrow, ready to greet the fall season with its cheerful smile.

apple orchard scene

Apple Picking

For those days when you’re feeling adventurous and want to try something new, why not draw an apple orchard? Grab your sketchbook and head outdoors to explore the beauty of nature.

thanksgiving doodles

Thanksgiving Drawing Ideas

Draw a bountiful harvest of fall with drawings from apple pie, pumpkin pie to cornucopias overflowing with produce, celebrate the abundance and flavors of the season.

happy turkey

Happy Tom the Turkey

Meet Tom the turkey, the happiest and most carefree turkey around! Add this adorable turkey to your list of fall drawing ideas for a fun and delightful touch. Give it a try!

squirrel eating nuts

Acorn Gathering Squirrel

Here’s a delightful sketch for you to try! This adorable squirrel is busy collecting acorns and nuts, preparing for the winter ahead. Have fun bringing this cute little scene to life!

autumn fairies

Enchanted Autumn Fairies

Let your imagination take flight as you sketch ethereal fairies amidst the falling leaves, sprinkling autumnal magic.

fall landscape

Fall Foliage Landscape

Create a vivid autumnal landscape, blending the fall colors of red, orange, and yellow. Add depth by using various techniques like stippling or blending to mimic the texture of falling leaves.

farmhouse with pumpkins

Farmhouse Decorated with Pumpkins

Imagine yourself living in a charming old farmhouse with a porch adorned with an abundance of beautiful pumpkins. Let this picturesque scene inspire you to create your own warm and inviting autumn theme farmhouse. Embrace the cozy ambiance and make it uniquely yours!

fall wreath drawing ideas

Fall Wreath Drawing Ideas

Draw intricate autumn wreaths inspired by the patterns and colors of fall foliage, using a combination of colorful leaves, acorns, and more.

ghost walking in street

Trick-or-Treating Scene

I’m absolutely loving this Halloween drawing idea! Just imagine adorable trick-or-treaters, all dressed up as ghosts, strolling down a street covered in colorful fall leaves. Once you’ve sketched this charming scene, why not bring it to life with a splash of autumn colors with watercolor? It will add that extra touch of magic!

cozy raccoon holding a cup

Cozy Raccoon

Check out this adorable raccoon getting all cozy with a cup of hot cocoa while snuggled up in a scarf. Sketch this heartwarming scene and bring it to life with a warm color palette.

mushroom forest

Enchanted Mushroom Forest

Let your imagination take over as you sketch this enchanted mushroom forest with the falling leaves, sprinkling autumnal flowers.

fall gnomes

Forest Gnomes

Here’s another fall drawing idea that you can add to your enchanted mushroom forest. These forest gnomes offer kindness to all living things. It’s a charming addition that will surely bring your artwork to life!

fall camping scene

Fall Camping Scene

Picture yourself wrapped in a warm blanket, sipping hot cocoa by the bonfire. Draw scenes that evoke the coziness of fall, like this camping tent among colorful trees with fallen maple leaves scattered on the ground.


Spooky Graveyard

Take a look at this incredibly eerie graveyard scene to include in your collection of fall drawing ideas! It’s an absolutely perfect way to infuse your Halloween art with a spine-chilling touch.

Candy Corn characters

Cute Candy Corn Ideas

Let’s draw these super cute candy corn characters with the most delightful expressions to bring a burst of joy to your art! Time to add some serious glee to your autumn creations, my friend!

woodland animals

Animal Friends

Fall is the season when animals get ready for winter hibernation or migration. Draw these cute foxes, bunnies, and bear buddies exploring the forest together.

witch  and black cat

Cute Halloween Witch

The Halloween season just wouldn’t be complete without an iconic witch and her trusty black cat companion! Why not get into the festive spirit this year by drawing this super cute Halloween-inspired scene? It’s a fun and creative way to embrace the spooky season!

haunted house

Haunted House

Get in the spooky fall spirit by trying out this cool haunted house Halloween drawing idea! It’s a fun way to embrace the Halloween vibes.

fall animals

Adorable Woodland Animals

Learn to draw cute animals like bears, hedgehogs, foxes, bunnies, racoons, and more! They’re all dressed up with cozy fall scarfs. Get ready for some adorable art!

fall doodles

Fall Inspired Doodles

Embrace the cozy side of fall by creating fall drawing ideas. Draw acorns, beanie hats, pumpkins, and autumn leaves to bring out the playful and whimsical elements of the season.

cute ghosts

Cute Ghost Drawing Ideas

Let’s sketch these adorable ghosts, each one with its own unique expression and personality. These are fun and spooky Halloween drawing ideas that’s perfect for all ages!

jack o'lanterns

Jack O’Lantern Drawing Ideas

Get ready to create some spooktacular jack-o-lanterns this Halloween! Let your creativity shine as you design unique expressions and personalities for each one. These fun and easy ideas are perfect for little kids.

halloween doodles

Halloween Drawing Ideas

Embrace the spooky side of fall by creating Halloween-themed artwork. Draw candy, crystal balls, potion bottles, cauldrons and more to bring out the playful and spooky vibes of the season.

fall drawing ideas

Adorable Fall Doodles

Get creative with these simple ideas and sketch some crows, fall gnomes, cats chilling inside pumpkins, and more! Let’s bring out those playful and whimsical autumn vibes of the season together.

sunflower doodles

Sunflower Drawing Ideas

Get ready to capture the enchanting beauty of autumn sunflowers! These fall drawing ideas will help you showcase those gorgeous elements of the season. Let’s celebrate the vibrant colors and warmth of autumn together!

camping doodles

Camping Gear Doodles

Get ready to unleash your creativity and master the art of drawing these awesome camping accessories! Let’s practice and bring your illustrations to life.

As the autumn season sweeps through the world around us, it offers an invitation to celebrate its beauty through art. You can find inspiration in the little things and bring your fall drawing ideas to life. So, grab your sketchbook, pick up those color pencils, and immerse yourself in the wonders of autumn’s palette.

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We hope our list of fall drawings ideas helps you express your creativity and embrace the whimsical colors of the season. Whether you’re inspired by fallen leaves, black cats, harvest festivals, or spooky Halloween decorations, let the beauty of autumn ignite your imagination and bring your artwork to life.

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